Account Management

Our preferred method of investment management is through the use of Commonwealth's Preferred Portfolio Services managed account platform. Instead of charging a commission for each product sold or transaction made, we charge an annual fee based on account size. This service allows us to recommend the best products for our clients while making the management fees completely transparent.

Many clients feel this provides them with additional insight into the expenses associated with the account and are comfortable knowing that we receive no benefit from making investment recommendations/changes in their accounts. Further, our compensation increases when the account does well and decreases if the account declines. We feel this puts us on the same side of the table as the client.

Fee-Based Consulting and Planning Projects

As investment adviser representatives of Commonwealth, we are able to provide consulting services for an hourly fee. These services may include investment coaching, specific financial advice or even building a portfolio for an outside account, like a 401(k). Sometimes a few hours of work can solve a problem a client has been struggling with for an extended period of time.

We generally handle larger, more complex projects on a fixed fee basis, which is determined prior to the start of work. These types of projects include in-depth financial plans, retirement income plans, estate or insurance reviews, and other projects defined jointly with the client. Generally we bill the client at the completion of the project. Occasionally, depending on the nature of the project, we request a partial payment prior to starting work and some ongoing progress payments tied to the completion of specific project objectives. We will always confirm that we have met the objectives of the project prior to asking for the final payment.