Our Firm

We believe the best way to grow our firm is through the referrals of satisfied clients. Therefore, our goal is to create an experience that our clients would like to share. We do this by focusing on the individual needs of each client. We give advice and guidance as it is necessary and recommend the most appropriate course of action for each situation we encounter.

At Esdale Wealth Advisors, our business is focused on providing investment and financial advisory services to individuals, families, and small businesses. Our ideal investment management client will have investment assets of $250,000 or more. However, unlike many larger firms, we welcome the opportunity to work with new clients who fall below this target, as long as they are actively saving and accumulating assets. We accept consulting and financial planning assignments of any size.

In this age of specialization, we have chosen not to. We prefer to work with our clients, and their advisors, when appropriate, on the full range of financial opportunities and concerns, including investments, estate planning, insurance, tax, education, and retirement planning. We feel this provides a deeper understanding of the client's overall financial situation and allows us to provide advice that is both more personal in nature and more accurately addresses the client's needs. We find these relationships often start with a single activity like the rollover of a retirement plan, funding an IRA, or a discussion about college savings, and expand from there.

Our Thoughts on Fees

We are very cost-conscious in our business dealings. We aim to provide fair and competitive prices while running our business in a sustainable manner. We work to minimize costs and charges to which our clients are exposed. Each time we make a recommendation, we weigh the costs and benefits and look for other alternatives that maximize value to the client.

We are registered through Commonwealth to provide services to our clients on either a fee or commission basis. Determining which option best suits a client's needs depends on a number of factors that we discuss in detail with the client at the time we establish our relationship. We are happy to provide a copy of our pricing schedule to our clients and to review that schedule with potential clients during our initial meeting.